Learn How To Remove Mildew From Walls

Recently, I experienced a problem with mildew on my walls and on my ceiling. It started to grow just above my bathroom shower. It started as little tiny spots that grew outward from the center. I was wondering what caused these to grow, and I decided to get rid of them first and then ask the questions later on.

Removing Mildew From Walls

mold and mildew removalRemoving mildew from walls is easy.  Even if you have never learned how to remove mildew from walls before, it isn’t that difficult to do. The first thing you need to do is have a diluted concentration of bleach in a bottle. You want dilute it down to one part bleach to 10 parts water. Then, you want to spray it on your walls and allow it to sit and soak in for about 10 minutes. Then, take a rag and scrub the mildew off.  If you are dealing with severe mildew that occupies more than 10 ft.² of your bathroom, you will probably want to wear a breathing mask while you work.  If you have more than 25 to 50 ft.² of mold or mildew in your home, you should consider consulting with a professional company to come in and take care of the mold problem for you. It can be very difficult (and even dangerous) for you to take care of the problem on your own.  Also make sure that you have the door to the bathroom open, and the fan on in order to have proper ventilation.

How To Prevent Mildew From Growing On Your Walls

how to get rid of mold in showersI found out that it was really easy to prevent mildew from growing, at least in my house. The only thing that I needed to do was to make sure to have the bathroom fan on while I took a shower. When I did this, it stopped the mildew from growing. The reason why it grew there in the first place was because when the steam built up in the bathroom, it condensed on the ceilings and on the walls.  This allowed the mildew to grow there very quickly.

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