Mold Problems And How It Can Affect Your Internet Connection

I have talked to you at great length about mold and mildew, and the different ways it can affect your home. But the other day, I was talking to a friend, and she told me about her latest problem with mold. I have learned that mold and mildew can affect your internet connection too!

Now you may be thinking that it is impossible, and that I am exaggerating. But not really. Mold and mildew can affect almost anything, as long as the conditions are favorable for its growth and survival. In the case of my friend, mold and mildew removalshe did not even know that there was a mold problem present in her home. The problem started out when she kept having problems connecting with the Internet. It was an on-and-off type of thing, which she just ignored and blamed on the internet provider. As time went by, the problem got worse, that it became a big issue for her. So she contacted the internet company to send a technician to come in and fix her internet connection problems. So when the technician came to check the cable lines and make sure that everything was in proper order, the real culprit was discovered. And guess what the real culprit was! The technician discovered that mold was thriving inside the internet splitter box. That one little detail was what caused my friend’s internet connetion problems. Because the interior of the splitter box was dark and cool, it was a favorable place for the mold to thrive in.

mold and mildew removalSo if you are having trouble connecting with the Internet for no apparent reason, then it might be because you are having the same issue that my friend had. So it is definitely worth it to check your internet connection lines and accessories from time to time, and see if there’s mold and mildew growing there. If your home has recurring problems with mold and mildew, then it is also likely that you might develop internet problems caused by mold.

However, checking regularly is not enough to stop mold and mildew altogether. What you need is preventive measures to keep the build-up of mold and mildew at bay. Since mold and mildew like to dwell in cool, dark and moist areas, you need to reverse these conditions in order to prevent the mold and mildew from growing. One of the best things you can do is to open doors and windows to let the sunlight enter your home, and allow the air to mold and mildew removalcirculate. Stagnant air also contributes to mold and mildew development. Another thing you can do is to fix any leaks and plumbing problems right away. Don’t let these leaks continue for far too long. Keep all areas of your house dry, especially the bathroom, the kitchen or the basement. Turning on the fan after your daily shower is a good way to keep your bathroom dry. Don’t let your clothes sit in the laundry basket or in the washer for a prolonged period of time. Wash your clothes regularly and always keep them dry. If you have done all these measures, and still mold and mildew keep coming back, it may be best to get a dehumidifier to extract the moisture out of the air, or contact a mold and mildew expert to do the mold and mildew removal for you.

Always remember, having a mold-free and mildew-free home will make your home last long, and will make it a safe, healthy and secure place to live in.

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